Great Lakes Coins & Collectibles

14321 Nicollet Ct #375, Burnsville, MN 55306


Sell coins in Minneapolis, MN


Options for sellers:

Stop by our Office (No appointment Necessary)

If you are local, we always welcome you to visit our offices in Burnsville. We can then evaluate the coins, jewelry, or precious materials that you bring by and make the best offer that you will find. Walk-ins are welcome. No appointment is necessary, but if you'd like you can set up an appointment with the form on our contact page.

Send us your items via Mail:

This is a well proven and safe process if you follow the instructions below.

1. Print out the Form: Great Lakes Coins Mailing Form
2. Complete the form. Make a copy for your records and include it in the shipment. Double check that you have all the required information filled out, signed, and a copy of your drivers license included.
3. The suggested form of sending your package is Registered Insured mail through the USPS. Ship To:

14321 Nicollet Court, Suite 375
Burnsville, MN 55306

4. Email us or call with your package tracking number and when we can expect it.

Call: 952-657-5283
Fax: 952-657-5497
email: lee@greatlakescoinsmn.com

5. We will acknowledge the receipt of your package and make an offer to you.
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More shipping tips

1. Always use Registered Insured US Postal Service Mail

2. Package your coins securely in a sturdy cardboard box.

3. Follow these important steps in order to ensure safe shipping.

Secure your coins inside the box - best is individually wrapped or held so they will not rattle or scrap against each other in transit. Place cushioning around your items. Close and gently shake the box to see whether there is enough padding. Add more newspaper, packing foam, or plastic cushioning material if you hear things moving around. Include the GLCC Mailing Form (with all information completely filled out) Tape your box shut and reinforce the seams with 2" wide tape. Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape. Do not use cord, string, or twine because it gets caught in mail processing equipment.

4. Correctly Address the box as shown on the GLCC Mailing Form.

5. Complete the U.S. Registered Mail declarations form. At the Post Office, carefully include the following information on the U.S. Registered Mail declarations form:

Your name and mailing address
GLCC name and mailing address
The declared insurance value

--Be sure to check the little box that reads, "with postal insurance"' and declare the full value of the contents. Important! Although you need not (and should not) identify the contents of the package, you MUST declare the full value of the package for insurance purposes. In the extremely rare event that your package is lost or stolen, the declared value is the maximum amount of money the post office will reimburse to you.