Great Lakes Coins & Collectibles

14321 Nicollet Ct #375, Burnsville, MN 55306


About Great Lakes Coins & Collectibles in Minneapolis, MN


Great Lakes Coins is a local business with a national reach.


Q: Does Great Lakes Coins Both Buy and Sell Coins?
A: Great Lakes Coins does both buy and sell coins, as well as bullion. We do buy (but do not sell) scrap precious metals and jewelry.

Q: Can we bring items to your store for appraisal?
A: We do apprasials as a licensed service. The charge for that service depends on a number of factors. Call for an appraisal quote.


Buy or Sell with confidence and security. We will honestly answer all your questions to make you an informed buyer or seller.

1) Not misrepresent rarity, value or quality of items sold.
2) Not use high-pressure sales tactics.
3) Never knowingly buy or sell stolen items, and assist authorities in the recovers of such items.
4) Not sell counterfeit, altered or repaired items without full disclosure to the buyer.
5) Not misrepresent the investment potential of the item(s) being sold.
6) Pay reasonable prices and pay promptly for items purchased from clients.
7) Promptly deliver items sold to clients.
8) Do their best to educate their clients or direct them to resources.
9) Give research and information to clients about items they purchase or inquire about, when requested.
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You have come to the right place for coins! I have been personally doing business with Lee for over 20 years, at shows and now visiting his store. With Lee and his staff, you can always expect fair and friendly treatment. His coins are properly graded and priced right. In any business honesty is important and even more so with coins. Lee and staff have earned my complete trust and I don't say that lightly. This is a guy who is not only selling coins to make a profit, but he loves his profession and it shows. Recently, in a conversation with Frank one of his associates, I got the same I love coins vibe. Then there is Jim another knowledgeable, great coin guy I like to deal with, he also works with Lee at shows and in the store. For me collecting coins is not just for profit, it is interesting and a lot of fun. In deciding how to spend my collecting budget, I want to buy from someone who really enjoys the hobby and promotes it, along with the need to make money. Lee, Jim, Frank and Tracy, I'll be back soon, keep up the good work and know it is appreciated! All the best!
--Steve E.
The staff was very knowledgeable and informative, letting me know all steps of the silver selling process. I got a better price than I had been quoted elsewhere, and they even helped my son identify a coin that he brought along to the store! Also, great dogs!
--Jim A.
I used them several times before to purchase and sell coins and scrap. They've always given me the best price in the area. This time was no different. I got a great price for my scrap gold with no riff raff. In selling gold they are straight forward in giving me the best price in their first offer.
--Laura G.